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“I couldn’t be happier with our consultation with Tamara Valentine and Harmonizing Feng Shui!  We spent nearly three hours when she visited – what a gift to have her full attention, and to really focus on the energy of our home. We talked of life and love and health and money and more. Tamara showed me many ways to improve our home space to encourage success in important areas of our life. Her recommendations were comprehensive and gave me a road map for changes. Some are small changes accomplished right away.  Some took a little time, but we are already feeling the benefits. And some changes are yet to come, with a bit of redecorating and other physical changes we will make later this year. In the meantime, health is improving, love is flourishing, money is flowing, and our space is feeling great!”

~Laura G., Huntington Beach

Insight & Feng Shui Passion

“Working with Tamara was great, I was impressed with her consideration of my entire family in her recommendations.  She gave me everything I needed to be successful and was always eager to answer my questions.  Her insight and passion inspired me to follow through and make the changes she suggested … and the results have been incredible.”

~Karen M., Long Beach

“Tamara came to my 1st grade classroom … the students are more focused and motivated and my stress level is way down and my focus is way up.  The behavioral issues have become a lot more manageable.  It has freed up my energy so I can get through all of the extra clutter I need to deal with.”

~ Holly, Teacher

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I got involved with Feng Shui when I was looking to make some major changes in my life. I was feeling stuck and didn’t know where to find what I needed to make things happen for me.  When Feng Shui crossed my path my curiosity was peaked >>>