Your Personal Feng Shui Consultant …

Guidelines to finding a great Feng Shui Consultant: Find someone who knows what they are doing and wants the best possible outcome for you. A consultant should be someone you can be comfortable with, as you would a friend, in order to share the personal details of your life. It should be someone whom explains the concepts of Feng Shui in an easily digestible manner.  Try not to think about the cost when finding a Feng Shui consult … it could stop you from getting just the right person, and that doesn’t mean the most expensive is always the right one for you.  Finding the right one for you is the key.  Keep all these things along with those listed below in mind when you are delving into your consultant search.

Everything you surround yourself with … friends, family or furnishings, should bring joy and fulfillment to your life.  Feng Shui can help you discover what is important and what might be missing for you, overwhelming you or stopping you from having all that you desire for your life.
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Feng Shui Consultant Infographic

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The Anatomy of a Feng Shui Consultant

What makes a great feng shui consultant?  Someone who can inspire you to transform your life through your home and business environments.

  • Personable – Having some you can open up to and share the intimate details of your life in order to have a positive experience with Feng Shui.
  • Trained and Certified – You want someone who has done the work, lives Feng Shui daily and has been taught by the best in the field.
  • Confidentiality – Hold your personal information confidential is a sacred responsibility.  Choose Wisely.
  • Good Communicator – You want someone who listens well and can respond in a way you can hear the importance.
  • Client Centered – Someone professional, who stays focused on your wants, needs, taste and not theirs.
  • “Whole”istic Approach – Everything is Alive, Connected and Constantly Changing.

Create Balance with a Great Feng Shui Consultant

A great Feng Shui consultant can help you transform your life and create a solid foundation for love, money, reputation, family, health, creativity, children, travel, helpful people, education and career.  An overall look at your life or delve into a very specific area that needs major attention.

Infographic © by Tam Valentine / Harmonizing Feng Shui