Feng Shui & Your Work Desk

Feng Shui can be applied to many things, as well as rooms, homes and land.  The easiest by far is your work desk, whether its in your home office or the desk you sit at everyday at your place of employment, you can bring feng shui with you wherever you go in your career.

Rule #1 – De-clutter, if your desk is not organized and messy … ch’i may have trouble getting to you, staying with you or becoming stagnant.  De-cluttering is one of quickest ways to change the energies surrounding you.  Then apply the bagua map to your work desk.  As you sit at your desk, the entrance quadrant should be aligned with edge closest to you.  Visually cut your desk into 9 squares/rectangles 3 by 3, and match up the bagua to your desk surface.  It will look like a tic-tac-toe board.  Place the items you use daily on your desk in correlation to the context given on the bagua map.  Add, move and subtract at will, remembering what you want to achieve as a result of applying feng shui to your desk.

Also consider the following contexts for each gua…

  • Wealth/Prosperity – Gratitude, Abundance
  • Fame/Reputation – Let your light shine, glow, integrity
  • Love/Marriage – Receptivity, openness, ability to embrace
  • Health/Family – Strength, vitality, growth, activity
  • Center – Grounded-ness, hub of you as a person
  • Children/Creativity – What makes you happy
  • Knowledge/Self-Cultivation – Learning, growing, self-esteem, peace, educate
  • Career – Mystery and depth with you, keeps you moving forward
  • Helpful People/Travel – Right place – right time, synchronicity, how am “I” a helpful person and where do I want to go

This is your personal space, so if it works for you … great!  If you need to check with the office to make sure nothing you are using is off limits or get permission to use it.  Let them know it is important to working effectively and I am sure they will allow you to bring in what you need.  A boss is usually not averse to things you tell them will cost them nothing and help you be a better employee.

If you have a drawer or a place to put a few envelopes at your right hand (helpful people/travel gua) … I like to place my intentions in silver envelopes and keep them in that area of my desk.  It is my communication system with the universe.

You can also use the bagua map in your entire cubicle or work area, just line up the entry to your cubicle with the bottom edge of bagua map.  Then feng shui accordingly and enjoy the journey.

I am always here for advice and support.  Contact me via phone or email.


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