Bring Feng Shui Into Your Home Or Office

My Mission:
To bring the cool and fresh factor to Feng Shui and create the space for people to open themselves up to a new way of thinking and feeling about their spaces through intentional design and help integrate these principles into their lives.
  • In Person Consultation – Residential
    An In Person Consultation includes: A walk through of your property, bagua overlay of floor plan, feng...
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  • Residential Phone Consultation
    Phone/Skype Consultation: Includes Bagua overlay of your floorplan, and 1 hour of discussion and recommendations. I will...
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  • No Cost Introductory Consultation
    A no cost 20 minute introductory phone consultation for questions and general Feng Shui information. Email me...
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  • Bagua Map Floorplan Overlay
    dream courage inspire harmony feng shui rocks
    Send me your floor plan and I will send it back to you with the bagua overlaid...
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  • Real Estate Consultations
    Real Estate Consultations:  For your home buying purchase, I will go look at the property with you...
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  • Feng Shui Classes and Workshops
    Feng Shui Doors
    Feng Shui Classes & Workshops: Bring me into your home or small business for a Feng Shui...
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  • De-Cluttering Consultation
    De-cluttering and organizational consultation: Includes discussion of personal goals, how to clear the clutter and put into...
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  • In Person Business Consultation
    zen buddha on desk
    In Person Consultation – Business: Discussion of the business, your needs and wants and recommendations.  A walk-through...
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  • Ground Floor Feng Shui Design
    Ground Floor Feng Shui Design: Working with your architect and/or contractor to make sure your home, building...
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  • Harmonizing Feng Shui Seminars
    Feng Shui Seminars: These could be lunchtime talks at your place of business, for the girls in...
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  • Feng Shui Bagua Map
    The feng shui bagua map is an essential tool to creating harmony in your surroundings. I created...
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