Harmonizing Events

These are some examples of workshops I am currently doing in the community and can be adapted for giving talks to groups of all types on Feng Shui principles.  



    The Magic of Decluttering & Putting Your Home in Order

            Do you want to become less stressed, more focused and happier?  The Magic of Decluttering will help you learn the basic principles of Feng Shui, become more comfortable with and how to integrate them into your home and life.  You will learn how outer clutter reflects your inner clutter.  Everyone will leave with their own personal decluttering plan and the enthusiasm, clarity and skills to make it happen.


Love, Relationships & Feng Shui

            Is Mr. or Mrs. Right eluding you?  Have you lost the passion in your marriage?  I have some great tips on attracting the love & relationship you desire into your life.  To create the space for love and passion to enter and feel at home is our goal.  This was the beginning of my Feng Shui life.  I really wanted to be married and experience that in my lifetime and t became my primary focus.  I was willing to try anything and leave no stone un-turned to have that in my life.  I set a very clear intention and “he” came into my life just a few months after I began my Feng Shui journey.  I, of course cannot promise the same thing will happen to you but I can promise that the way you look at how you are approaching this subject will change for the better.


Intentional Prosperity

               Everyone wants to live a more prosperous life … We think that having more money will make us happy.  In some ways it probably will, but prosperity is much more than just money.  It is about living a rich full life, one that includes not worrying so much about money and being able put your attention on things that fulfill you and add substance to your life.  Being comfortable, successful and having security is the American Dream and I can help you discover your potential with Feng Shui and intention. 


Your Child’s Education: Start with a Solid Foundation

            I believe the most important job is that of parent.  Every parent wants the best for their kids, for them to have every opportunity to be happy and create a wonderful life.  Setting your children up for success is the #1 priority for  a parent.  The environment in which they grow up in plays a large role in their path to success.  I was taught nature vs. nurture, and in my experience it is nature AND nurture … The environment in which a child grows up in is directly related to who they grow up to be.

               I have some common sense strategies to share with you to set your kids up for success.  Come spend some time with me and I will help you create a solid foundation for your child’s success.


Discover the Possibilities with Feng Shui

               What can Feng Shui do for me?   The answer is anything you want it to … More prosperity, better health, love and feeling the universe is on your side.  Looking at the environments you spend your time in … In a different way.  Open your heart, mind and eyes to see things with renewed energy, focus and hope.


The Science of Feng Shui – More than Chinese “Woo-Woo”

            Since I have taken the career path toward Feng Shui … I have been puzzled by some of the attitudes about it.  I myself think that Feng Shui is the coolest thing ever.  It has changed my life and I want to do everything I can to help people understand that it is not some cult, woo-woo or a religion.  It is simply an art and science.  Come join me and let me demystify Feng Shui for you.


Feng Shui for Classrooms

            This is for all the teachers that want to create a positive learning environment … a space that supports all of the students and you as a teacher.  I have become very passionate about doing my part to insure that kids have a solid foundation to learn and grow into fabulous, functional and well-educated people.  Our world is very much in need of new leaders … Join me in the journey of molding our kids for the future.