Optimal Health Living – Balanced, Happy & Feng Shui

Optimal Health Living … Balanced, Happy & Feng Shui

Optimal health living: being able to do all the things you want to, when you want to … and being fulfilled and living life at its fullest. Without our health, we seriously have very little in the way of quality of life … struggling to live is not optimal health. Sometimes we can feel well and healthy … life works and nothing major is wrong. Then we realize that … wait! I am taking medications for a few health issues, is that health? I have a few extra pounds or more, is that health? Maybe it’s time to rethink “optimal health”.

Having optimal health is truly all about balance. Making sure you rest as much as you play … you exercise as much as you eat … you socialize as much as you are alone … etc. It is a lifestyle not a goal and we need to be ever vigilant to keep the good Chi flowing and have optimal health be our natural state.

Chinese medicine states: Human health problems stem from the imbalance of the 5 elements in your body and environment. The five elements are: Fire, Water, Earth, Wood and Metal … these are what I, as a Feng Shui Practitioner, look for the imbalances in when I come into your home to help with your life issues. From a Feng Shui standpoint, each element has its own life, personality and properties. They can feed off and support each other, they can fight each other, or they can destroy each other … this is where a Feng Shui professional comes in and helps you decipher what you need to do in order to have your home environment be as supportive as possible.

The holistic approach is all about addressing the body, mind, spirit and I have added a fourth piece to it … which is space. Mind, Body, Spirit & SPACE! Since everything is energy, everything that surrounds you can affect your health, happiness and balance. There are many approaches and resources at your disposal to help you create good health, which in turn will help you create a fabulous life.

Creating optimal health is up to you … I am teaming up with Diane4Health on October 25, 2018 to bring you some new ways of creating a healthier you.

For more information and to register: https://health-fengshui.eventbrite.com

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