Namaste August 2018

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Namaste ~ The belief that there is a divine spark within each of us located in the heart chakra that thrives on soul to soul connections.  My newsletter will have a direct connection from me to you every month … hopefully you will look forward to seeing me in your inbox monthly.


August 2018

Gratitude – This is where my heart is at this month.  I have been collaborating and meeting with all sorts of like minded people … learning and growing in many ways.  I am finding that many of the holistic & alternative ways of healing are directly connected to the Feng Shui bagua.  I knew that Feng Shui was an ancient art but since finding so many correlations with it … I am excited to find out more about other holistic modalities that I might incorporate into my Feng Shui practice.

I am trying out some of them on myself and my husband … he is always my rock, cheerleader and guinea pig.  And I look forward to sharing my insights along the way.  I did a workshop last week with Cindy McGonagle who shared with me her knowledge of Sacred Geometry.  It was interesting to see that the areas you enhance with sacred geometry are the same or close to the Feng Shui bagua, so I am utilizing this information in my home and see what I discover.  I am sure all sorts of fabulous things.

Excitement abounds in my world at the moment … I love finding new things to enhance my mind, body, spirit & space.  There are so many ways to bring balance & harmony to our lives and live vibrantly … I would like to challenge you to find some of those things for yourself or keep in touch with me and I will share them monthly.


Tam Valentine



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