Namaste October 2018

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Namaste ~ The belief that there is a divine spark within each of us located in the heart chakra that thrives on soul to soul connections. My newsletter will have a direct connection from me to you every month … hopefully you will look forward to seeing me in your inbox monthly.

Back in June of this year … the 1st Health & Healing Expo was launched. A dear friend of mine went looking for a platform for the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Thousand Oaks Chapter, to reach more people to share the offerings of all the members. Needless to say she didn’t find what she was looking for so she set out to create it herself, and … she did! It was a great success and so many different holistic practitioners got to share their passions.

Taking on my own booth was uncertain experience for me … I was very excited to see what I could make of the event. I have to say talking about Feng Shui and showing people how their environment can support their overall well-being was nothing short of magical for me. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting more of my community and sharing my passion. Basically it was a fabulous day!

The turnout was better than hoped for and so Claudia Borges, Founder of the Health & Healing Expo is doing it again … Saturday, October 13, 2018 … 10-3pm. There will be workshops showcasing local experts in the holistic fields, psychic readings and expo booths where you can meet everyone 1:1 to discuss so many different techniques to use to increasing your health and well-being. The booth is where you will find me … Look for the large green and black banner with my logo.

Harmonizing Feng Shui Logo black

The topic of the day will be Your Space Matters!!!
I will answer your questions about Feng Shui and help you discover the impact it can have in your home and business environments. I will have drawings for Feng Shui Gifts … consultations & workshops.

Join us Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 10am – 3pm to find answers to all your health and healing questions.

Admission is free for visitors
You can find out more by going to the Health & Healing Expo website …

It fills my soul to be able to help and share Feng Shui and increase our vibration in order for the universe to answer your call for better health and well-being.

See you then.
Tam Valentine

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