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Creating Your Personal Feng Shui Paradise

One of the best things to improve the feng shui of your environment is to create your own personal paradise.  This may be your entire home or it may be one room that you consider just yours, like your bedroom or home office might be just yours because you share your home with others. This space should...
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What Is Chi And What Role Does It Have In Feng Shui?

“Chi” is defined simply as “vital life force in and around the body”.  Many cultures have their own version of what we know as chi … Ki (Japanese), mana (Hawaiian), prana (Indian) and our western idea of life force.  It is dynamic and ever changing, which is the good news … that tells us that no matter...
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The Yin & Yang Principle And Feng Shui

Everything is always moving and changing. The cycles of life, day and night, seasons …flows from one to the other. One of the reasons they say opposites attract is based in the Yin & Yang theory. Opposites complement one another with their differences. The dictionary defines Yin and Yang as: two complementary principles of Chinese philosophy: “Yin...
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