The Five Elements Of Feng Shui

In Feng Shui there are five elements that interact with one another that create your surrounding Chi.  Some of the elements together enhancing are and some are destructive to you and your environs.  They feed, calm or destroy.  When all five elements are present in an area they work in harmony.  Most importantly, is the way the five elements relate to each other.   This is the theory which will help you work out what your problems might be in the home and how to solve them.

The nourishing cycle: Earth creates Metal, Metal holds Water, Water feeds Wood, Wood feeds Fire and Fire creates Earth.

The controlling cycle: Earth dams Water, Water douses Fire, Fire melts Metal, Metal cuts Wood and Wood uproots Earth.

So, if you look at these cycles you may be able to discern some areas that need attention.  Each element is represented by a specific color, and color is the simplest use of the five elements to bring more balance and harmony into your home with feng shui.  Look at what you could possibly need to add, subtract or balance out … and look at the list below to help you make some positive changes.

Earth – Yellows and Earth-tones

Metal – White and Pastels

Water – Black and Dark Tones

Wood – Blues and Greens

Fire – Red and Red Spectrum

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