If It’s Broken, Fix It! – Making Feng Shui Work Properly

A Feng Shui must for your to do list, is to make sure everything in your home is repaired and working properly.  It may seem innocuous that small drip in your bathroom faucet, or it might be that your front door sticks or a clock that is missing a hand.  Unfortunately it isn’t, everyday it is not fixed a little more of your luck, health, wealth, fame, etc … slips out of your life.

Have you noticed something in your life that has recently changed and not in a good way?  You may want to or need to look at that area of your house that corresponds with the area in need of attention.  You may find something in that area that you might not have seen that needs fixing, or you may have just been procrastinating getting to fixing it.

Following through with this feng shui principle will create new energies and enhance the chi in all the areas in question.  Bringing with you the intention of making these areas in your life better by making the necessary repairs will only enhance the possibilities.  Fresh new chi will abound throughout your home and breathe new energy into your life.  Taking care of these fixes can insure the best possible outcomes for your feng shui working properly.

Need help figuring out what needs attention?  Contact me for your consult.

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