Stress Free Holidays With Feng Shui

Here they come again … the holidays!  There are usually two reactions to the holidays; you are either eager and can’t wait to jump in to all the festivities or you start dreading and stressing about the holidays.  I am here to let you know you can have stress free holidays utilizing feng shui and the 5 elements.

Here are few rules to integrate with your holiday planning.

  • Enjoy And Be Grateful
  • Don’t Do Things You Don’t Want To Do
  • Keep Yourself Centered (Take care of you!)
  • Keep It Simple

Most of us think we have to do everything and be everything to have the perfect holiday season.  Try to keep your Super Woman in check by honoring yourself and making sure you are doing things that are fun and fill you up during this time, there are no medals to be won.  The essence of the holidays is gratitude and joy, holding that context while you navigate the holidays will benefit everyone around you because you will be more centered in your approach to the holidays.  Your home is where you start, if your home has good Feng Shui then your holidays will reflect that in all aspects.

Let’s get to the Feng Shui … I know Christmas is all about the red and green, but in Feng Shui, red is fire and an abundance of fire can make your space can make you feel rushed, anxious and overwhelmed.  Green is the color of the wood element which only feeds that fire, so we want to look at calming things down.  Add white, light blue, silver/gray to your decor and minimize the red and green to create a nice holiday space that functions for you and your family in a less frantic way.  Use the bagua for each room you are decorating and place the reds and greens accordingly, or balance them out with the others mentioned.  Candles are considered fire, so limit them as well or place them to enhance your bagua.

Balancing the elements is probably your best course of action as you bring in all your beautiful decorations.  Water and metal are the controlling elements to fire and wood so incorporate some of these to balance out the energy in your beautiful holiday home.  I have created a small list so you can get a feel for all the elements.  Homes are in balance when all 5 elements are present both yin and yang representations.

Wood- the tree (a real tree), greens and blues, column shapes

Fire- candles, reds, lights, people, animals, pointed shapes, triangles

Earth- yellow, earth tones, squares, rectangles

Metal- white, pastels, metals (gold, silver, etc.), circular shapes (ornament balls)

Water- black and dark tones, mirror (reflective, like some ornaments), crystal, glass, actual water (fountains), asymmetrical shapes

Yin energy- small, soft, subtle, ornate, curved, detailed

Yang energy- big, hard, active, shiny, smooth, straight, plain

When you are making your holiday plans consider how things feel to you as you are doing them,  avoid the things that create stress and do the things that make you happy, how you will be … so will your family.  Honor yourself and your family by making the holidays joyous and avoid the unnecessary “shoulds” and create a wonderful stress free holiday.

If you would like help creating a balanced holiday space … email me for a consultation.




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