Feng Shui Cures And Enhancements

There are many feng shui cures and enhancements that you can utilize in your environment.  The ones you choose should mean something to you; they should be born of your personality and creative expression.  The combinations you can put together are endless.  Let fun, creativity and love be your guide when putting feng shui cures in place.  All enhancements should bring a smile to your heart when you come in contact with them.  Below is a synopsis of the most utilized cures in black sect feng shui.

Color – Any and all colors.  Choose the color that corresponds with feng shui bagua map or choose colors that you love or evoke some sort of corresponding feeling to the sections on the bagua map.

Lighting – We are talking electrical (incandescent and halogen) lighting, oil lamps, candles and natural sunlight.  Florescent lighting is missing part of the color spectrum and deplete chi, so this type of lighting is not recommended.

Sound Makers – Wind chimes, wind sculptures, bells and musical instruments call in the chi to our higher selves.

Living Things – All things that will require you to take care of them, like plants, animals, etc.  As they thrive your chi with thrive, as they live they enliven your chi.  The amount of tender loving care you put into your living things in your environment is directly related to how much your chi will be enhanced.

Objects of Nature – All things made of natural elements that do not require your attention.  The things in nature that are surrounded by your emotions connected to them can be crazy chi enhancers.

Crystals – Round faceted crystals are the most common in the world of feng shui cures.  Crystals can play other roles as well.

Water Features – Aquariums, fountains, waterfalls, etc.  Water is about moving and stimulating the chi.

Wind Dancers – Things that need wind to move, they uplift and invigorate chi.

Art – All things art: sculptures, paintings, collages, textiles have deep personal connections to us.  Art is very subjective and personal in taste.  Choose art that correlates with the sections of the bagua map.  They don’t have to be literal, but can be … or evoke the corresponding mood of the bagua map section.

Mirrors – They uplift, enhance and circulate chi.  Mirrors are representative of the water element in feng shui.

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