How To Use Feng Shui To Find Your Soulmate

Feng Shui is in my opinion the perfect way to bring that soulmate into your life.  That is where I started my feng shui journey.  I was 39 when I met the right one and I had spent many years wondering why it wasn’t happening for me.  Love was eluding me and I decided I was going to figure out what I needed to change to allow love to find me.   I had been interested in feng shui but hadn’t really looked into what it was, so I thought I would start there and I bought my first book.

What I discovered was that I was living in my space as a single woman.  There wasn’t any room for a man to fit into my space let alone my life.  At this point it was very important to really look at who I was and what I wanted.  Being crystal clear as to the discovery of those questions is paramount to you finding your soulmate.  If you don’t know what you’re looking for in that person how will you know when they show up in your life?  It’s about being open to them and the universe at large in order to bring them into your life.  So, open yourself up to the possibilities of feng shui and the finding of your soulmate.

One of the first things I did was create an altar to love in the love and relationship area of my bedroom.  I used the principles of pairs, colors and things that represented love to me.  I also put a photo of my grandparents in that area, to remind me what a successful long term marriage looked like.  When I walked into my bedroom the first thing I would see was this altar reminding me of what I really wanted.  Feng Shui is really great at keeping things present.

Some of the other changes I made were to make my room look less feminine and bring in some masculine energy.  One big faux pas I was making was that I had a very large picture above my bed of one single woman.  I replaced her with a yin yang pair of pictures.  I made both sides of my bed ready for a partner to share.   All these changes brought a balance and harmony to my space using the principles of feng shui.

I was not living alone when this was going on, so I concentrated on my own room.  This was my own space and energy.  I also made some adjustments around the house in order to balance things out.  Don’t think you can’t work with feng shui when there are others present in your home.  You will just need to concentrate on your space and make adjustments to other areas accordingly.

It is all about the energy which you create in your home and personal space.  There are many other things to consider when creating that space and you may want to read other articles to get a well rounded view of feng shui or contact me for a consultation.

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