How To Apply Feng Shui To Your Vision – Dream Boards

When creating a vision or dream board you would normally apply all your images, quotes and text to a blank board.  Choosing to apply feng shui to your vision board actually breaks down your board into sections based upon the western feng shui bagua map.  It actually allows you to focus on one area of your life at a time so your dream board encompasses everything in your life.  Remembering that feng shui is based a lot upon your intentions, it is already a part of what you are putting together.

Take a look at the bagua here on the website.

Start with 6 x 6 squares of the following colors: purple, red, pink, green, yellow, white, blue, black and gray.  Then place the squares on your board as they are on the bagua map.  Purple upper left, red upper middle, pink upper right, green middle left, yellow center, white middle right, blue lower left, black lower center and gray lower right.  After you have placed all the feng shui bagua squares in the right areas then you have the perfect canvas to begin to create the vision board you need to manifest your dreams.

When putting together your vision board, concentrate on one section of the bagua at a time and give it your full attention.  When you feel you have it looking and feeling the way you want it, then move on to the next section.  There is no rule on which section is first, you may have areas in your life that need more help than others, so you can begin with any area you are feeling at the moment.

I have broken down each section of the bagua with things for you to think about and concentrate on while creating your Feng Shui Vision – Dream Board.

Wealth &Prosperity –This section is not only about wealth, it is abundance of your needs being fulfilled.  Being prosperous in your life and feeling grateful for the things you have that aid in your financial success.

Fame & Reputation – This section is about you and how you show up in the world, your self esteem and all those elements that make you …uniquely you.

Relationships – This section is about marriage and dating relationships, as well as your relationships in general as in … your friends, co-workers, etc.  It is also about being open to the possibilities of love and life.

Family – This section is about your family, the closeness of your family and the general welfare of the members of your family.  Discover your strength.

Health – This section is about you and your general health.  If you have pressing health issues, this is the section to focus on.

Children & Creativity – This section is about bringing children in your life in the capacity that works for you.  It is about your inner child and the fun side of you.  It is about your creative side and being creative with projects and solutions to your problems.

Skills & Knowledge – This section is about gaining the skills and knowledge you need to pursue your dreams and being able to navigate life’s intricacies.  It is about connecting yourself to things greater that can guide you in your journeys.  Finding the place where you can be quiet and hear your inner voice speaking to you.

Career –This section is about moving your career forward, being happy and stable in your career.  It is also about changing your career and doing something different with your life.

Helpful People & Travel –This section is about finding those people that can help you along the way in your journey in life.  It is also about traveling more or less depending on your situation, or maybe about fun travel instead of traveling for business.

When you have completed your vision – dream board … you will need to put it in a place that you see it often.  Take time to concentrate on those things you have placed with careful consideration on your vision board.  Make sure you keep it simple – your finished product should evoke a clear vision.

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