Energy: Clearing the Way to a More Vibrant Life

Everything is energy …
As within, so without …
What you focus on will flourish …

All these statements are true about energy. On the molecular level, everything is energy. Thanks to the work of Albert Einstein we now see energy in a whole new light. Everything is energy from an empty vase to a vase bursting with fresh flowers. Just my description of those two things has a different vibration to them.

If everything is energy … then we can say with certainty that it can be a tool to be used by us as individuals (we are energy too!) to make changes to our mind, body and spaces. Reiki (healing energy) and Feng Shui, the harnessing of Chi (Life Force Energy) to make your space and life more auspicious … these two modalities have everything you need to change your mind, body and spaces.

This is where Claudia Borges Reiki and Harmonizing Feng Shui join energetic forces to help you live a more vibrant life. “Clearing the way to a more Vibrant Life” is a workshop dedicated to helping people discover how to use energy to improve their lives.

This Saturday, March 31, 2018 at 10 am for 3 hours in Thousand Oaks, CA at the Best Western is the workshop all about mind, body and spaces. Click here for information in attending, there is always room for more.

As within, so without … sort of a cryptic saying, it means that your inner and outer energy work together. If you are cluttered up with issues, it is probable that there is some clutter in your environment that you are not dealing with. You can use Reiki to balance out your mind and body and Feng Shui to balance out the Chi in and around you and your environments.  The workshop will go more into depth on how you can harness the energetic forces to live more vibrantly.

Here is what you focus on will flourish comes in … harnessing and wielding the energy to change your life in ways you may not think possible. I can tell you by personal experience how fabulous it is to be able to change my life for the better with just me and my spaces. Anything you put your attention on has the ability to flourish beyond your wildest dreams … with the right attention. This is what you will learn in “Clearing the way to a more Vibrant lIfe”.

Join us and register now!  There are many answers about energy and the mind, body and spaces that will be delivered and you will leave at a higher vibration that will help move your life forward.


Learn more about Harmonzing Feng Shui here

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