Health & Healing Expo – Thousand Oaks June 16, 2018

Health & Healing Expo

On Saturday June 16th the Health & Healing Expo, comprised of  the Holistic community of Conejo Valley is getting together to share their wisdom. Come learn new ways of making your life everything you have always wanted.  Admission is Free …  a great price to bring about major life changes.  Take a few hours for yourself and come learn some new things for your personal tool bag.  We all have our own tools in that bag to navigate our lives.  No one has, needs or uses the same things to heal and keep moving in a positive forward direction.  There is always more to learn and this is a great opportunity to get the answers to all those questions you’ve wanted to ask but didn’t know where to start.

Holistic practitioners are very empathetic to all life  situations.  Those who found peace and harmony through wholistic methods, now teach others what changed their lives.  You will find all those participating to be intuitive, wise and compassionate and ready to share in your journey.  Feng Shui, Reiki, Coaching experts, as well as Psychic readers with products to enhance your life will be at your disposal on June 16, 2108, 11 am at the Thousand Oaks Best Western.

Bring your friends and make it a day to support each other to find new and fabulous ways to live vibrantly.

I’ll see you there!

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Current holistic practitioners at the Health & Healing Expo (as of 5-24-18) …

Harmonizing Feng Shui



Beauty Counter

Integrative Dental Arts

Kristie Pederson Lifestyle Coach


Valeria Zenter

Ana Sofia

Holistic Touch by Charissa

Ayurveda by Tracyann

Nori Nutraceuticals

Massage, Body & Spirit

Reiki & Tarot by Tami Smith

Rob Cook

Psychic Readings by Cindy Mc Gonagle

Akashic Records by Rose Hernandez

Tarot by Theresa Smith

Sponsored by …

Holistic Chamber of Commerce

Thousand Oaks Inn Banquet Center

California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks

Conejo Valley Days

Our Host: Claudia Borges Reiki

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