Intentional Prosperity

Intentional Prosperity = Creating Prosperity Through Intention and Feng Shui

Issues with money is probably one of the main reasons clients contact me and want help turning around their situation.  My Intentional Prosperity workshop was created to show you some basic Feng Shui principles to begin your journey to abundance.  I will explain intention and prosperity as related to Feng Shui and arranging your environment to support your goals.  Intentional Prosperity really is just another way to say using Feng Shui to become more prosperous.  In Feng Shui, we purposefully design our environments with our intentions in mind.

Do you feel like the universe is working against you?  Or you bring in plenty of money but it all goes out again very quickly.  Or you have enough to pay the bills but not too much extra for the fun and better things in life.  There are many ways to personalize your journey to prosperity and in my Intentional Prosperity workshop I will help you gain clarity on what you need to do to make the changes in your own life to be more prosperous.

“When you set an intention, when you truly commit, the entire universe conspires to make it happen.”

Let’s talk about the truly commit part … Feng Shui is a living breathing energy that is constantly changing and because of that fact we need to be ever present to what may need your attention.  Truly committing doesn’t mean you go to the workshop, change a couple of things and hope for the best.  Your environment is alive just like you or a pet or a plant, it needs constant care to ensure its longevity.  Your Intentional Prosperity is not any different.  When I first took this on for myself, I was surprised at how many factors there were to consider.  I took them head on and changed my financial life forever.  I can help you do this for yourself too!

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