Love, Marriage & Feng Shui Workshop

Love, Marriage & Feng Shui workshop to find love and ignite the passion in your relationships.

You will learn how love, marriage & Feng Shui give you a solid foundation for attracting and creating fabulous relationships.  Have you wondered why “the one” hasn’t shown up?  How to bring back the magic or passion in your relationship?  Be closer to that special someone?  Have more intimacy with the one you love?  Would you like to re-connect to those feelings you had when you first met or got married?  This is a great workshop for you … I will answer these questions and more.  Come join me and I will help you leave with a plan to make these things happen for you.

It is easy to overlook things in your environment, things you see and walk by each day that might actually be working against you and your dreams of a satisfying relationship.  I myself fell victim to some of those things, which I will share in the workshop.  Using Feng Shui was life changing for me and very successful, I have been happily married for over a decade.  He is the absolute most perfect man for me!

In this workshop, I will help put you on the path to love and romance.  I will give you some exciting new ways to create the space for it all to happen and help you make this journey fun, exciting and fulfilling.  Love, Marriage & Feng Shui is all about connecting the dots between what your environment is saying to you, as well as the rest of the world, and making changes that support who you are and where you want to go.  Once you are clear on a few basics you will see how a whole lotta love happens with a little Feng Shui.

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