Keeping Your Apartment Neighbors Out Of Your Feng Shui

Apartment living poses some feng shui problems … your neighbors and their feng shui.  Whether it be bad or good, it is still there and needs to be dealt with.  It may be that your floor plan is not ideal with missing areas of the bagua, you are stacked on top of one another or some of your bagua is in your neighbors’ apartment.  Let’s look at these individually …

Your Floor Plan Is Not Ideal

There are missing areas of your bagua, say that your career area is missing.  The area where your career falls is a recessed entry way, so you may feel strained at work and not know why … etc.  You may need to look at ways to bring more chi into your home.  Use cures with intention to bring more positive energy your way.

You Are Stacked On Top Of One Another

It goes without saying that if you live in a 3 story house you would need to feng shui all levels.  When you are apartment dwelling, that is probably not an option.  Unless, you want get to know your neighbors and convince them to feng shui all their own abodes.  Although that may not be in the cards, what you do is feng shui your own space to your best ability, call in a consultant and do the best with what you have.

Part Of Your Bagua Lands In Your Neighbors’ Apartment

Say that your floor plans are sort of triangular, which means that part of your house and your neighbors’ baguas overlap.  Let’s use the love and marriage part of the bagua that is overlapping.  Your neighbors are fighters and they are constantly bickering with one another.  You may notice things start to strain in your relationship.  It may be time to pump up the love in every love and marriage bagua in each of the rooms.

Apartment living is not inherently a bad feng shui proposition, but you will need to make sure you can start off with the best parameters possible.  With all best intentions look for a place that feels really good to you.  Try to find something in which your neighbors encroach on your territory minimally.  A professional consultation may be your best bet, in order to make the most of your space.

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