Bringing Feng Shui To Your Office

Making feng shui the cornerstone of your office arrangement and décor will enhance your productivity, your creativity and your reputation.   Now whether it is the office you go out to everyday or you work out of your home or some combination of those, you need to bring the same feng shui energy and intention to all your work spaces.

There are many ways to enhance your office … start with placing the bagua over the layout of your office space, just as you would your entire floor plan.  Use enhancements as necessary.  Make sure your desk is in a power position, a position where you can see the entrance of the office or area from your chair.  People should never enter your space and be at your back.  The chair you sit in should be very comfortable and aid in proper sitting positions, to avoid any strain.

Placing the bagua over individual pieces of furniture, such as your desk, is another way to bring feng shui to your space.  Using the edge of the desk closest to you as the side to place the bagua, the career being right in front of you and the upper left area would be your prosperity gua.  Some examples of desk placement would be, placing a black desk blotter in the career area in front of you.  Electronics are great chi enhancers for the fame and reputation area, which is directly across from the career area.   Try a money plant or coin-shaped leaved plant in the prosperity corner to enhance the chi.  If trying to fit everything on your desk is not possible, you can always use corresponding colors of the bagua underneath your desktop.

Surrounding yourself with inspiring imagery is a great touchstone to keep your dreams and goals alive in your office every time you enter the space.  Art is a very personal choice as a chi enhancer but, it is crucial you make the right choices.  Choose things that are inspiring and uplifting to your spirit or choose things related to your line of work.  Clutter on your desk is very visually daunting, and you may want to find a way to keep things neat and orderly.  Depending on your type of business this may be more difficult than it seems.  Try to have a space for everything and leave your piles to a minimum.  It just feels good to keep it that way.

Considering the many hours you spend in this space … creating a comfortable, inspiring and uplifting space is crucial for good chi flow.  Take some time and thought as to the best course for you to follow here.  With all your efforts and intention, I am sure you will begin to see your office as a space that makes things happen and gets things done.  That is feng shui at work.

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