The Psychology of Color In The Feng Shui Garden

Bringing the right colors for you into your feng shui garden can be a wonderful recipe for feng shui success.  The key to that sentence is for you…otherwise everyone’s garden would look the same.  Each of us have our own issues and personalities to contend with and by placing the right color combination in your garden will bring balance to your surroundings.

Below I have outlined a list of colors and their coordinated meanings to help you enhance or down-play those things that are most important to you.  Remember your bagua areas when choosing the placement of the plants, flowers and trees.

Red-Is for stimulation

Lavender-Eliminates our cravings

Magenta-Ignites the higher mental, emotional and spiritual growth

Purple-Reinforces power and enhances an elevated state

Orange-Inspires blending

Adobe-Mirrors connection

Saffron-Kindles love

Terra Cotta-Bolsters security

Yellow-Eliminates confusion

Sand-Brings investigation into clear view

Tan-Reduces uniqueness

Gold-Shows abundance

Green-Introspection and tranquility

Light Green-Evokes melancholy and relief

Lime-Awakens the soul

Verdigris-Solidifies commitment

Blue-Embodies self-esteem and mystery

Powder Blue-Promotes contemplation

Turquoise-Deepens joy and gratification

Cobalt-Connects to a higher purpose

I cannot think of a garden that I have been in that wasn’t lovely and inspiring, unless it was full of dead things.  That is a great killer in feng shui, having things that are dead or dying.  If this is the case, these plants, flowers and/or trees need to be removed or tended to with loving care to bring them back if that is even possible.  Bring your “A” game to your garden and enjoy creating a beautiful retreat that surrounds you with the support you need and desire.

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