Feng Shui And Your Relationships

Our home, work, school and social life are driven by relating with one another.  It is our relationships that shape who we are and how we live our lives.  The feng shui bagua shows the far right corner to represent all your relationships, not just your love relationships but all of them.

If the health of one or more of your relationships is strained, you need to look at that area of your home and see what you might need to change in order to bring harmony back.  Are there dead plants or other prickly items?  Maybe some sort of art that represents anything but love and harmony?  Are there things that you would never consider as a totem to your relationship or love?  These things can come quietly without you realizing their effects.

When you discover something that may be harming your relationship area, move it to another area it might be more appropriate for or get rid of it all together.  Maybe it will be a treasure for someone else in their life, just not yours.  When you think about your situation with that person or persons that is not doing well, is there something in that area that reminds you of them in a negative way?

If just changing the energy by moving things out doesn’t help like you think it should, you may want to pump up the energy with feng shui cures.  Bringing some balance to this area for harmony in all your relationships.

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