The Magic of Decluttering – Putting Your Home in Order

Decluttering is a hot topic right now and I have seen the benefits in my own life as a result of cleaning out the unwanted, the excess and the irrelevant.  It was the first thing I did when I began my Feng Shui journey 15 years ago.  I was amazed when things began to change immediately after I cleared my space, I felt lighter, happier and ready for some new adventures.

I have created a workshop “The Magic of Decluttering” and my mission is to share with you my Feng Shui philosophy and support you to create better energy and harmony in your home through putting your house in order.  We will delve into what clutter actually is in general and specifically for you.  I will share some basic Feng Shui principles that will aid you in your clutter free journey.  I will help you develop a concrete plan to move that clutter on to its next destination.  And we will have some fun along the way!

My intention is for you to discover a new world that will enable you to create the life you have longed for or just straighten a few things out.  Whatever your situation is, I will help you create a personal priority list and how to execute the decluttering plan that will work best for you.  That is key … For You!  We all have different focuses and things that are pressing in our lives at the moment and time factors.  It is important to honor who you are and still be able to tackle this project.  All of our “stuff” means something to us and sometimes it can be emotional while taking on your clutter.  Fear Not!  I will give you what you need to succeed.

Come join me for a fabulous couple of magical hours to aid you in your life’s journey.                  


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