Feng Shui Guidelines for the Home Office

Let’s talk Feng Shui guidelines for the home office … The importance of the flow of energy in your home office. Whether your home office is your primary work location or it’s a satellite for the 9-5. The key to a proper home office is to make sure your work environment is comfortable, inspiring and productive. This is a room you should absolutely love and want to spend time in, if it is not then it needs to be made that way.

Desk placement is of the utmost importance … We call it the command position. You should be able to clearly see the door from your desk and have a solid wall behind you and a lovely view would make it a trifecta. Seeing the door is the most important if you can only have one of the Consider what size desk is best for you … Do you need a lot of space to spread out or just enough for a laptop and phone. A second desk for other projects? Do you need storage and how much? Rounded corners lend to less stress and irritability. If you have straight corners try to keep them out of the traffic flow. There are other ways to soften the edges if necessary.

Your chair is the second item of importance, it needs to be the most comfortable executive chair you can afford. It is where you will be spending a great deal of time and should not cause strain on your body, it should fit you like a glove. It also should be proportional to the rest of the room and furniture.

Consider what office equipment you need … Printer, fax, scanner, etc. And where is the best place for these to be set up. If you have a lot of electronics, situate them in such a way that you can have the cords hidden. The last thing you want is your ch’i to get stuck in a mess of cords and not know how to get out.

Other furniture like … Bookcases, conference table, assistant’s desk, etc.
Don’t fill up your office with furniture that are sets just because it all looks good together (unless every piece is going to be used), carefully choose what is right for you and your office.

“Everything in its place and a place for everything” is a great context for the home office. Create systems that will allow your business to grow while maintaining order while that growth is happening. A key Feng Shui factor is that there is sufficient room to move around, to work and always room for more clients. If the universe thinks you have enough, it will tend to level you out or even stop the flow.

Lighting … Do you need overhead lighting and task lighting? Or one or the other? I have a desk lamp that has a daylight bulb in it and no matter what other lights are on, I always have my task light on. The light it gives off is very uplifting to me and makes my desk very bright and well lit to work under.

My favorite way to complete my office is to have inspiring artwork. Something that keeps you focused, something that evokes thought and something beautiful. It can be something that represents your business or just something you love. Artwork can really make or break the home office. My husband likes street art and even though he loves it I do not and the images say to me … poor, dirty and scattered. After removing that art the office was completely transformed for me, I didn’t like the images so I didn’t want to be around them. Which did not lend to me being productive in my business, in fact it turned me off to business. I now am gladly spending time in the office daily and my business is growing.

These are just the start to creating a home office that has great ch’i and a prosperous business. These are things we can discuss during a consultation. Everyone is different so all recommendations are personalized to meet your specific needs.

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